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Dark City

Jardim do Palácio Pimenta – Museu de Lisboa
September 30th, 9.30pm

Alex Proyas, 1998

Released a year before the first film in the Matrix trilogy, Dark City anticipated much of the neo-noir atmosphere that would be popularised globally by the Wachowski brothers’ saga.

John Murdoch wakes up in a hotel room suffering from amnesia and discovers a group of brutal killers are after him. Pursued by the police and tormented by strange mysterious beings capable of stopping time and distorting reality, John looks to unlock the enigma of his identity. But in a city where reality is the greatest illusion of all, finding the truth can be fatal.

As the film was about to be premiered, the studio decided that the plot was too complex and, fearing that it would be incomprehensible, made the director include an explanation at the beginning of the film. Though it didn’t have great success upon its release, time has done justice to Dark City and it has become a must-see classic for fans of science-fiction.

Free admission