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Bordalo II, Catarina Sobral and Joana Cruz choose winners of the Festas de Lisboa’18 Sardine Competition

The panel of jurors will choose the winning sardines of the eighth edition of the Festas de Lisboa Sardines Contest

Bordalo II, the artist which uses garbage as raw material for its urban art interventions, Catarina Sobral, the recognized illustrator of children’s books and animated films, and Joana Cruz, popular radio host, accepted the challenge launched by Lisbon City Council and EGEAC  to choose the five best sardines that will be the symbol of Festas de Lisboa 2018. The three guests join the creative director Jorge Silva – responsible for the “birth of the sardine” – and a representative of EGEAC in this eighth edition of the contest.

As in previous editions, the five winning sardines will receive a prize of € 2,000 (net) and will be part of the communication campaign of the Festas de Lisboa’18.

In addition to the winners, honorary mentions will also be awarded to another 5 sardines that this year will receive this distinction by the hand of the public, through a vote in the social networks, from a pre-selection of the jury of the contest.

“Save the Sardine!” is the motto of this year’s Contest, which wants to help preserve the species through imagination, stimulating participation without frontiers.

Awarded sardines will be announced until May 31st.