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The Festas de Lisboa Sardine Contest 2018 is open!

To the fishermen, is requested calm. To consumers, restraint. To the artists, we launch the networks for creativity. The Festas de Lisboa Sardine Contest 2018 is open! Save the sardine!

The sardine is part of our heritage and we want to increase the species. This year, we believe we will reach 50,000 sardines but we need everyone’s help. Save the sardine!

The Festas de Lisboa sardine knows no borders and has already landed in Lisbon from more than 70 different countries. Attention to those who are still missing! Save the sardine! There are no excuses for not joining. And please don’t feel like a fish out of water: the theme is free. If, in bird watching, a bird in the hand is better than two flying, in the sardines you don’t have to choose: you can send up to three different ones. The prize is € 2,000 (two thousand euros) for the five winners, chosen by a jury.

The contest ends on March 19th.  It’s better later than never, but don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. The mission is urgent:  save the sardine! 


Festas de Lisboa Sardine Contest 2018

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