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In April we’re going out onto the streets and taking freedom with us. During this magical month, we’ll be challenging memories and preserving the values of a first day that, as Sophia wrote, wanted to be whole and clean.

This year, the April in Lisbon programme takes a closer look at the stories of women. We begin with an exhibition by photojournalist Monique Jaques set up on the streets of Lisbon, which will challenge us to reflect on the girls who live and grow up in the Gaza Strip, a faraway place, but whose dreams and aspirations are surprisingly similar to those of any youngster of the same age.

We will reopen the room at the old Rank Films building used to preview films during the Estado Novo dictatorship, this time to serve as a stage for a play based on women’s testimonies about the dictatorship and the revolution. Stories which have nothing “pink” about them, but which are rarely referenced in the prevailing narratives about the period.
The Museu do Aljube Liberdade e Resistência, a former prison of the regime, fits naturally into the programme with a series of initiatives. Highlights include a dramatization based on interviews with women who were imprisoned by PIDE (the regime’s security agency) which reveals the more intimate side of the traumatic experiences suffered by these women.

The Cinema de São Jorge hosts the second edition of the Political Festival which, through cinema, concerts, conversations, debates and workshops, invites us to rethink society and the ways in which we exercise (or not) our rights, namely the law of citizenship. Not to be missed on the 19th is the Voix Étoufées concert, where the Metropolitan Orchestra will be performing the works of composers whose voices were silenced: Fernando Lopes Graça and German Paul Hindemith.
As freedom without music is inconceivable, we’ll be planting five pianos outside for five days in several of the city’s squares and parks, with everyone free to play whatever they like. Whether you’ve got rhythm or not, don’t miss this chance to share a tune.

In addition to all this, on the pages that follow you’ll find other suggestions for experiencing April to the full, in a Lisbon where today we celebrate freedom, while not forgetting places where it doesn’t exist, except for in dreams and verses of poetry.